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The Overnight

Patrick Brice, USA 2015, 79’

Famous for his hit film Creep, Patrick Brice betrays horror in favor of sex comedy. The Overnight is the story of Alex and Emily, a nice couple who moves from Seattle to Los Angeles and agree to a casual dinner with the neighbors. Our good-natured naïve duo have no idea what's in store for them, and don't notice their being hit on by the eccentric hosts - an erotic maniac and his French wife who could star in Emmanuelle. But inhibitions abate under the cover of night and passions uncontrollably explode. Brice's film recalls a comic orgy in which Polanski's Carnage flirts with Todd Berger's It's a Disaster and on the way tries to drown out existential doubt born of bourgeois stability with moans of ecstasy (akin to Houellebecq). The Overnight premiered at Sundance to enthusiastic critical reviews and IndieWire's Katie Walsh writes the film is also hysterically funny, but it manages to ride the line between total broad, bawdy humor and real heartfelt vulnerability.


October 23, Friday, 6 PM

After screening panel:
Gazeta Co Jest invites: How independent is American indie?
guests: Patrick Brice, Alex Ross Perry, Nathan Silver, Onur Tukel
moderator: Paweł T. Felis



deadCENTER Film Festival 2015 – Special Jury Prize

Patrick Brice

He is a director and screenwriter associated with the Los Angeles film community. He graduated from the California Institute of the Arts and his thesis film Maurice, a documentary about the owner of the last porn movie house in Paris, was awarded at the Rotterdam International Film Festival. Brice made his feature-length fiction debut with the horror film Creep (2014) the first time he worked with Mark Duplass.


2006 Love-Love (short)

2010 Wolf Creek (short)

2011 Maurice (doc., short)

2014 Dziwak / Creep

2014 Szalona noc / The Overnight

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Cast & Crew

director Patrick Brice
screenplay Patrick Brice
cinematography John Guleserian
editing Christopher Donlon
music Julian Wass
cast Adam Scott, Taylor Schilling, R. J Hermes
producer Naomi Scott
production Duplass Brothers Productions, Gettin' Rad Productions
sales Park Circus
language English
colouration colour
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