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Andrew Bujalski, USA 2015, 105’

In a search for a semblance of stability, three neurotic characters get thrown to the wolves in a world ruled by muscle and the number of reps. To gym owner Trevor, stability means financial success, while stability to his top trainer Kat equals getting her personal life in order. Millionaire Danny just wants to get in shape and stability connotes beating boredom. Director Andrew Bujalski riffs on the romantic comedy formula in an uproarious and ironic script that sees their lives converge. As that convergence brings bedlam, their frustration-filled chaotic monologues multiply, a touchstone of Bujalski's films. The road to love is exceedingly bumpy, though, as insightfully noted by IndieWire, [e]ventually, "Results" arrives at the perception that the search for happiness holds less value than the ability to appreciate small, quietly appealing moments in the midst of a generally confusing reality. That's Bujalski's whole career in a nutshell.

Andrew Bujalski

(b. 1977 in Boston) He is a director, screenwriter, actor and a seminal figure of American independent cinema, earning him the nickname of Godfather of Mumblecore. He debuted in 2002 with the film Funny Ha Ha. "The New York Times" listed his sophomore effort, Mutual Appreciation,among the best films of 2005. Bujalski's realism and tendency toward improvisation evoke comparisons to films by John Cassavetes. Bujalski lectures at universities in Boston and Austin.

Selected filmography

2002 Funny Ha Ha

2005 Z wzajemnością / Mutual Appreciation

2009 Wosk pszczeli / Beeswax

2013 Computer Chess

Cast & Crew

director Andrew Bujalski
screenplay Andrew Bujalski
cinematography Matthias Grunsky
editing Robin Schwartz
music Justin Rice
cast Guy Pearce, Cobie Smulders, Kevin Corrigan, Giovanni Ribisi, Brooklyn Decker
producer Paul Bernon, Houston King, Sam Slater
production Burn Later Productions, Houston King Productions
sales Magnolia Pictures
language English, Japanese
colouration colour
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