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Rick Alverson, USA 2015, 110’

Nothing to laugh at. As a third-rate comic travels endlessly through desert backroads, from bar to bar, it's always the same: drunken faces and empty stares, embarrassing silence and a nervous snicker. With his huge glasses and thinning greasy hair the man cracks primitive jokes, snorts furiously and calls out members of the audience (here, Gregg Turkington plays his onstage persona, the anti-comic Neil Hamburger). At first his behavior seems part of the performance, but over time it begins to symptomatize psychosis, especially when the film becomes increasingly surreal, erasing the line between reality and hallucination. Just as in The Comedy (which many considered the best film of the 3rd American Film Festival in 2012), Rick Alverson's latest film is ostentatiously monotonous, vulgar and misanthropic. It is the antithesis of movies where entertainment, relaxation and feeling good are the priorities. General audiences will keep a safe distance, but "Entertainment" should have no trouble finding a fervent cult to call its own, writes Scott Foundas for "Variety."


Locarno IFF 2015 – Junior Jury Award – Environment Is Quality of Life Prize

Rick Alverson

He was born in 1971 and lives in Richmond. In his extensive musical career, he has made numerous records with the bands Drunk and Spokane. As a filmmaker, he has directed videos for Sharon Van Etten, Angel Olsen and Benjamin Booker. The Builder is his feature-length debut. His films often deal with existential crises. He was a guest of the 3rd American Film Festival in 2012 when his film The Comedy screened in competition in the Spectrum section.


2010 The Builder

2011 New Jerusalem

2012 Komedia / The Comedy

2013 The Sixth Year (co-dir.)

2015 Rozrywka / Entertainment

Cast & Crew

director Rick Alverson
screenplay Rick Alverson, Tim Heidecker, Gregg Turkington
cinematography Lorenzo Hagerman
editing Rick Alverson, Michael Taylor
music Robert Donne
cast Gregg Turkington, John C. Reilly, Michael Cera, Lotte Verbeek, Tye Sheridan
producer Rick Alverson, Brooke Bernard, Patrick Hibler, Alex Lipschultz, Ryan Lough, George Rush, Ryan Zacarias, Shannon Houchins, Potsy Ponciroli
production Arts+Labor, Made Bed Productions, Nomadic Independence Pictures, Armando Montelongo Productions, Autumn Productions
sales Epic Pictures Group
language English
colouration colour
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