Michel Franco, USA 2015, 92’

Chronic opens with a fascinating scene of a woman exiting a suburban home and getting into a car while being observed from afar by a middle-aged man. Cut. In the next take, Tim Roth's poker-faced character checks a Facebook profile, leaving no clue as to his intentions. The scenes are just innocent harbingers of the game played by Chronic screenwriter and director, Michel Franco. With virtuosity, he hands viewers successive pieces of the puzzle that seem to fit but only coalesce in the third act. The film is unusually formally disciplined. Franco shoots in an austere, Haneke-ish manner, and indeed, in its precise detail and examination of what it is to care for someone, it's decidedly reminiscent of the helmer's recent "Amour." It's distant but not unfeeling, letting the actors and the steady rhythm take the lead, writes a review from  IndieWire that nails it.


Cannes IFF 2015 – Best Screenplay

Michel Franco

(b. 1979, Mexico City) He began his professional career with short films. His Cuando sea grande, produced as part of a Mexican anticorruption campaign, screened in 500 theaters throughout the country. His next short, Entre dos won the Grand Prix at the Huesca Film Festival. AtCannes his feature-length debut qualified to the Quinzaine des Réalisateurs section, while his second film, After Lucia, won the Un Certain Regard section.


2001 Cuando sea grande

2003 Między nami / Entre dos

2009 Daniel & Ana

2012 Pragnienie miłości / Después de Lucía

2015 Opiekun / Chronic

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Cast & Crew

director Michel Franco
screenplay Michel Franco
cinematography Yves Cape
editing Julio Perez IV
music Lynn Fainchtein
cast Tim Roth, Bitsie Tulloch, Maribeth Monroe, Sarah Sutherland
producer Michel Franco, Gina Kwon, Gabriel Ripstein, Moisés Zonana
production Stromboli Films, Vamonos Films
Polish distributor Gutek Film
language English
coloration colour
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