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Don't Leave Home

Michael Tully, USA 2018, 86’
Polish premiere
Diane Film nagrodzony w konkursie Spectrum

The film starts with a flashback. A little girl disappears after a local priest had painted a picture of her. Event takes place in Ireland in the 80s. At present time an American artist takes interest in the case and even makes a sculpture based on that story. She gets invited to the house of the priest-painter, who is hiding from the world, and then - according to the genre rules - she will witness things around her getting stranger and stranger. Don't Leave Home is not that kind of horror that is building tension to make the viewers jump in their seats. It is more of a suspense horror, in which clues are more important than solutions and characters development matters more than their final fate. The film is also trying to approach the catholic guilt and the legacy of the Irish Church. As David Rooney wrote in "Hollywood Reporter": While this twisty tale [of an "evil miracle" connected to a self-exiled former priest] ultimately withholds too much to resolve all of its enigmas, the atmospheric mood and persuasive performances keep you watching.

Malwina Grochowska

Michael Tully

Filmmaker involved in cinema in many ways. He is the editor of  Hammer to Nail a web page about movies, works as a DOP (Mary Bronstein’s Yeast) and actor (Ry Russo-Young’s You Won’t Miss Me, Aaron Katz’s Quiet City). His directorial debut is the drama Cocaine Angel, which rocketed him to " Filmmaker" magazine’s annual list of 25 New Faces of Independent Film. His other films include the absurd comedy-drama Septien and the documentary Silver Jew.


2006 Cocaine Angel

2007 Silver Jew (doc.)

2010 Superego (TV)

2011 Septien

2014 Pingpongowe lato / Ping Pong Summer

2018 Nie wychodź z domu / Don’t Leave Home

Cast & Crew

director Michael Tully
screenplay Michael Tully
cinematography Wyatt Garfield
music Michael Montes
cast Mark Lawrence, Anna Margaret Hollyman, Helena Bereen
producer Jeffrey Allard, Walter S. Hall, Ryan Zacarias
production DreamAlliance Entertainment, Indie Entertainment, Orama Filmworks, Salem Street Entertainment
sales Automatic Entertainment
language English
coloration colour
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