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Friday’s Child

A.J. Edwards, USA 2018, 91’
Polish premiere
Film nagrodzony w konkursie Spectrum Ghostbox Cowboy

Friday's Child begins like a documentary, showing some interviews with young people raised by social services workers and numerous foster families. The following story, however, focuses on the life of the boy who is starting adult life equipped by his mentors only with a couple of clichés and not enough cash. It is not difficult to predict that soon he will stand at the crossroads, having to choose between a future that is dark and a future that is even worse. In Friday's Child the main character is determined to seek his fate, which resembles the novel of Dostoyevski. At the same time Edwards is surprising the viewer with dramatic twists and as a result creates an archetype, not a stereotype of a broken man. Tye Sherman as the main character confirms his status as one of the brightest stars of the new generation. The shots also deserve appreciation. It is easy to believe that high-contrast shots of the Marfa deserts and industrial Texas actually look like places where a fight of good vs evil takes place.

Malwina Grochowska


Shanghai IFF 2018 - Best Actor, Best Cinematography

A.J. Edwards

Born in 1985 in Walnut Creek, California, but he grew up in Texas. His film education was closely tied to the legendary American director Terrence Malick. Since the 2005 film The New World, Edwards has worked with Malick in various capacities, as an editor, a consultant, and a second-unit director. One of the producers of The Better Angels (5. AFF), Edwards’ directorial debut, was Malick himself.


2014 Świętsze od aniołów / The Better Angels

2018 Wolny duch / Friday's Child

Cast & Crew

director A.J. Edwards
screenplay A.J. Edwards
cinematography Jeff Bierman
editing Sam Butler
music Colin Stetson
cast Tye Sheridan, Imogen Poots, Caleb Landry Jones
producer Tyler Glodt, Nicolas Gonda, Christian Sosa
production OnBuzz
sales OnBuzz
language English
coloration colour
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