Warrior Women

Elizabeth Castle, Christina D. King, USA 2018, 67’
Polish premiere
Time for Ilhan White Tide: The Legend of Culebra

Madonna, just not one of the many madonnas. For the Sioux Tribe there can be only one: Madonna Thunder Hawk, the legendary Native American Movement activist who defended tribal rights to the sacred Black Hills (known for Mount Rushmore). She represents Red Power, spectacular demonstrations and ethnic dignity. At more than 70-years-old, she is still actively involved in the struggle of indigenous communities. Madonna connects successive generations of Indian women in unyielding civil disobedience. She braids, laughs, and tells her rebellious story, and as part of "survival schools," she conveys to children an attachment to nature and draws them into a protest against the construction of the Dakota Pipeline. Madonna argues that respecting the rights to self-determination and their culture still has a long way to go while her lightheartedness and unpretentiousness are contagious. She inspires when talking about the burden of expressing love and not being loved. The power of women, solidarity, joy of life and the power of humor.

Adriana Prodeus

Elizabeth Castle, Christina D. King

Directors originating from the Native American community making their debut film together. They focus on feminism and care for the Native American cultural heritage, so they decided to make a film together about a brave heroine, but also about a whole generation of women. Castle is a professor at the University of South Dakota Native Studies Department who defended her PhD at Cambridge. The film is based on her book Backbone, Men were the Jawbone: Native Women's Activism in the Red Power Movement.


2018 Wojowniczki / Warrior Woman

Cast & Crew

director Elizabeth Castle, Christina D. King
screenplay Elizabeth Castle, Christina D. King
cinematography Andreas Burgess, John G. Larson
editing Keiko Deguchi, Kristen Nutile
music Giulio Carmassi, Bryan Scary
cast Madonna Thunder Hawk, Marcella Gilbert
producer Anna Mary Pitman
production Castle King LLC, Vision Maker Media, Independent Television Service
sales Castle King
language English
coloration colour
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