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Julie Cohen, Betsy West, USA 2018, 98’
Monrovia, Indiana The Prince and the Dybbuk

This is not a dream: eighty-five-year old US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg really is a pop culture darling. Millennials across the pond exchange memes with her likeness on a mass scale on social media. Her face adorns t-shirts, mugs, covers, and tattoos with the image of the famous jurist are not isolated incidents. Directors Julie Cohen and Betsy West follow the life of RBG - a small and unassuming woman whose strength lies in courageous, precise, and stunningly accurate statements. Ginsburg devoted her entire career to the painstaking fight against gender discrimination, defending both women and men. She chose precedential cases through which she step-by-step molded legislation and reality. Without her, America would not be the same - and neither would the world.

Katarzyna Boratyn

Julie Cohen

Before she started her own production company, Better Than Fiction, she spent many years as a producer at NBC News. For her work, she was awarded the Best American Producer on Radio and Television Award. She has made eight documentary films, including The Sturgeon Queens, which won a number of audience awards. She is a professor at Columbia University.

Selected filmography

2007 Constantine’s Sword

2014 The Sturgeon Queens 

2016 American Veteran

2018 RBG

Betsy West

Betsy West is a director and journalist whose has worked as executive producer for the AOL and CBS coproduced documentary on-line project Makers. During her 20-year career as a producer at ABC News, she received the Emmy award and twice won the duPont-Columbia prize. She lectures at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.

Selected filmography

2016 4%: Film’s Gender Problem

2017 The Lavender Scare

2018 RBG

Cast & Crew

director Julie Cohen, Betsy West
screenplay Julie Cohen, Betsy West
cinematography Claudia Raschke
editing Carla Gutierrez
music Miriam Cutler
cast Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Jane Ginsburg, Lilly Ledbetter, Nina Totenberg, Bill Clinton, Orrin Hatch
producer Julie Cohen, Betsy West
production Magnolia Pictures, Participant Media, CNN Films
sales Magnolia Pictures
language English
coloration colour
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