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Weed the People

Abby Epstein, USA 2018, 97’
European premiere
Three Identical Strangers

Contrary to what the title's wordplay might suggest, Weed the People is not a fluffy film about the recreational use of marijuana. The main characters of this documentary are mainly children with cancer and their parents, who in the face of death decided to treat their children sing cannabis oil. The film presents scientific research, which - although at the initial stages - suggests that marijuana can help in the fight against cancer. However, most of the film shows individual cases strongly suggesting that marijuana has helped young patients fight the deadly disease. Families depicted in the film do not give up chemotherapy for alternative treatment, but nevertheless their approach may raise doubts. Epstein does not present a balanced perspective, but makes her case in alleging that lack of research on the medicinal properties of marijuana is the result of obstruction by pharmaceutical companies and the American government.

Malwina Grochowska


Nashville FF 2018 - Audience Choice Award

Abby Epstein

Abby Epstein is a director and producer whose films revolve around themes of sexuality and women's rights. She began her career in Chicago as a theater director, then moved to New York, where she worked on, among others, The Vagina Monologues. Her best-known film, The Business of Being Born, has a book counterpart and a four-part sequel on DVD. Weed the People is another documentary produced by Epstein together with the actress and TV host Ricki Lake. The film premiered at the South by Southwest Festival.

Selected filmography

2003 Until the Violence Stops

2008 The Business of Being Born

2018 Weed the People

Cast & Crew

director Abby Epstein
screenplay Abby Epstein
cinematography Paulo Netto, Richard Pearce, Jenna Rosher
editing Molly Goldstein, Kristen Nutile, Christopher Seward
music Simone Giuliani
cast Bonnie Goldstein, Mara Gordon, Alexander Kephart, Chico Ryder
producer Sol Tryon, Giancarlo Canavesio
sales Cargo Film & Releasing
language English
coloration colour
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