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Harold and Maude

Hal Ashby, USA 1971, 91’
The Landlord The Last Detail

Like so many cult classics, Hal Ashby's second film, Harold and Maude, received little critical recognition during its initial release and fared poorly at the box office, however the film found ardent fans on college campuses and at midnight screenings, and miraculously had a Lazarus-like second life. The legend of  Harold and Maude is that it was written by a pool boy (Colin Higgins, who would later direct 9 to 5) and that production was shielded in such secrecy that some Paramount executives didn't know they were making a love story about a 19-year-old boy (Bud Cort) and a 79-year-old woman (Ruth Gordon). What's undeniable is that this is a special and unique film, an ode to life and its joys in the face of a violent, oppressive modern world, a philosophy that was resonant to hippies (like Ashby) at the time, and still delights audiences young and old to this day.

Nick Dawson

Hal Ashby

Hal Ashby, in full William Hal Ashby, (1929-1988), American filmmaker, one of the preeminent directors of the 1970s, who was especially noted for such films as Harold and Maude (1971), Shampoo (1975), and Being There (1979). 

Selected filmography

1970 Właściciel / The Landlord

1971 Harold i Maude / Harold and Maude

1973 Ostatnie zadanie / The Last Detail

1975 Szampon / Shampoo

1976 By nie pełzać na kolanach / Bound for Glory

1978 Powrót do domu / Coming Home

1979 Wystarczy być / Being There

Cast & Crew

director Hal Ashby
screenplay Colin Higgins
cinematography John A. Alonzo
editing William A. Sawyer, Edward Warschilka
sound William Randall
cast Ruth Gordon, Bud Cort, Vivian Pickles
producer Colin Higgins, Charles Mulvehill
production Mildred Lewis and Colin Higgins Productions, Paramount Pictures
sales Paramount
language English
coloration colour
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