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Alexandre Rockwell, USA, West Germany 1983, 104’
Lenz In the Soup

More evidence that it's impossible to dislike movies in which the characters turn out to be fans of David Bowie. The protagonists in Alexandre Rockwell's film deserve to be liked all the more because they take their idol's words to heart. After listening to the song Heroes, with the line We can be heroes just for one day ringing in their ears, a disabled teenager and his two adoptive sisters embark on a crazy trip across the United States. Bored of their anonymous existence in a big city, their destination is Truth or Consequences, a town with a name that says it all. On the way, it turns out that just making the journey is more important than reaching their destination. During their trip, they establish friendships and experience rejection, in addition to countless happy and sad adventures that they will remember forever. Hero, the cinematographic debut of Robert Yeoman, who later worked with Wes Anderson, was highly acclaimed in the United States. Rockwell's road movie won the Special Jury Prize at the U.S. Film Festival (renamed Sundance several years later) and met with an enthusiastic response in the press. The famous film critic and historian Ron Holloway described the film in  Variety as A major film poem of the independent American film movement.

Piotr Czerkawski

Alexandre Rockwell

Born in Boston in 1956, Alexandre Rockwell is a director, screenwriter and producer and one of the leading representatives of New York's independent cinema scene. He is the grandson of Russian animator Alexandre Alexeieff, the inventor of the pinscreen technique. His most-acclaimed films include Somebody to Love and  In the Soup. He also directed the episode The Wrong Man as part of the film Four Rooms.


1983 Bohater / Hero

1992 Ugotowany /  In the Soup

1994 Pokochać kogoś / Somebody to Love

1994 Cztery pokoje (The Wrong Man) / Four Rooms (The Wrong Man)

2002 13 Moons

2013 Stópki / Little Feet

Cast & Crew

director Alexandre Rockwell
screenplay Alexandre Rockwell
cinematography Alexandre Rockwell, Robert D. Yeoman
editing Alexandre Rockwell, Lizzie Borden, Christine Le Goff
music Mader
cast Paul Rockwell, Kim Flowers, Mika Yamada
producer Alexandre Rockwell
production Mirror Films (II), ZDF
sales Factory25
language English
coloration colour
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