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In the Soup

Alexandre Rockwell, USA, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain 1992, 93’
Hero Somebody to Love

According to Emanuel Levy, In the Soup is easily Rockwell's best work, a playful film with darkly comic twists . The well-known critic wasn't alone in his enthusiasm, as evidenced by the Grand Jury Prize that In the Soup received  at the Sundance Festival. It is difficult to say for sure just what constitutes the secret to the success of this story about a novice screenwriter who tries everything he possibly can to bring his latest project to fruition. Is it perhaps that the film is at the same time both a funny and a credible picture of the misery of an independent filmmaker? Or it is perhaps the result of the consequences that Rockwell has repeatedly discussed throughout his career of not being well suited to reality and of passion that can turn into madness at any moment? Might it be due to the outstanding cast, in which Steve Buscemi and Seymour Cassel (in the role of the slimiest film producer since Godard's Contempt) play the leads, with Jim Jarmusch himself making a cameo appearance? In the Soup marked a turning point in Rockwell's career, and although the director was later tempted by numerous Hollywood offers, he consistently refused, saying he would prefer a career as a gangster or a drug dealer. Fortunately, Rockwell did not have to take such offers and remained himself, a truly independent and original filmmaker.

Piotr Czerkawski


Sundance FF 1992 – Grand Jury Prize, Special Jury Prize; Deauville FF 1992 – Audience Award; Chicago IFF 1992 – Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor

Alexandre Rockwell

Born in Boston in 1956, Alexandre Rockwell is a director, screenwriter and producer and one of the leading representatives of New York's independent cinema scene. He is the grandson of Russian animator Alexandre Alexeieff, the inventor of the pinscreen technique. His most-acclaimed films include Somebody to Love and  In the Soup. He also directed the episode The Wrong Man as part of the film Four Rooms.


1983 Bohater / Hero

1992 Ugotowany /  In the Soup

1994 Pokochać kogoś / Somebody to Love

1994 Cztery pokoje (The Wrong Man) / Four Rooms (The Wrong Man)

2002 13 Moons

2013 Stópki / Little Feet

Cast & Crew

director Alexandre Rockwell
screenplay Alexandre Rockwell, Sollace Mitchell
cinematography Phil Parmet
editing Dana Congdon
music Mader
cast Steve Buscemi, Seymour Cassel, Jennifer Beals
producer Hank Blumenthal, Pascal Caucheteux, Jim Stark
production Alliance Communications Corporation, Alta, Cacous Films, Mikado Film, Odessa, Pandora Cinema, South, Why Not Productions
sales Factory25
language English
coloration b&w
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