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Somebody to Love

Alexandre Rockwell, USA 1994, 102’
In the Soup Four Rooms

In the very first scene, careful viewers of Somebody to Love will spot a poster for In the Soup, an earlier film by Rockwell that turned out to be the biggest success of his career. This is more than just a wink from the filmmaker, however, since both titles have a lot in common. Following In the SoupSomebody to Love is yet another Rockwellian tale that deals with the cruelty of the film industry. This time, the director focuses on the character of Mercedes, a young actress who is trying, unsuccessfully, to make a great career. One source of her problems is her complicated emotional life. She is in a relationship with an older, married man (Harvey Keitel), and she also meets a young man (Michael DeLorenzo) who is madly in love with her. As noted by the late Roger Ebert: Somebody to Love is not a love story but an episodic slice of low life, populated by a gallery of strange souls. In the convention applied by the director, the actress playing Mercedes, Rosie Perez, does a remarkable job, and her performance has been compared to that of Giulietta Masina in The Nights of Cabiria.

Piotr Czerkawski

Alexandre Rockwell

Born in Boston in 1956, Alexandre Rockwell is a director, screenwriter and producer and one of the leading representatives of New York's independent cinema scene. He is the grandson of Russian animator Alexandre Alexeieff, the inventor of the pinscreen technique. His most-acclaimed films include Somebody to Love and  In the Soup. He also directed the episode The Wrong Man as part of the film Four Rooms.


1983 Bohater / Hero

1992 Ugotowany /  In the Soup

1994 Pokochać kogoś / Somebody to Love

1994 Cztery pokoje (The Wrong Man) / Four Rooms (The Wrong Man)

2002 13 Moons

2013 Stópki / Little Feet

Cast & Crew

director Alexandre Rockwell
screenplay Alexandre Rockwell, Siergiej Bodrow
cinematography Robert D. Yeoman
editing Elena Maganini
music Mader
cast Rosie Perez, Harvey Keitel, Michael DeLorenzo
producer Lila Cazes, Jean Cazes, Marie Cantin, Siergiej Bodrow
production Cabin Fever Entertainment, Initial Productions, Lumière Pictures
sales UCLA
language English
coloration colour
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