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First Man

Damien Chazelle, USA 2018, 141’
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When Damien Chazelle and Ryan Gosling get together on a film set, the result is bound to be extraordinary. This time is no different. The actor plays astronaut Neil Armstrong, the first human being to set foot on the moon. First Man is not, however, a typical biopic, the sort of movie you forget as soon as you leave the cinema. With his talent for storytelling, confident direction and passion for detail, Chazelle tells the story of the protagonist as an ordinary flesh-and-blood human being, with both virtues and faults, a man who experiences joy and sorrow, indecision and longing. That is why his wife (Claire Foy)-a homemaker in addition to being an astoundingly strong, intelligent and composed woman-plays a role that is just as important as that of the astronaut himself. She neither glorifies her husband's deeds nor puts him on a pedestal, and audiences follow her lead. If you still feel unsatisfied after InterstellarGravity and Martian, Damien Chazelle has just the thing for you.

Magdalena Maksymiuk

Damien Chazelle

Born in 1985 in Providence, Rhode Island, Damien Chazelle is a Harvard-educated musician, director and screenwriter, and also the son of academics. In high school, he played drums in a jazz band, an experience that served as inspiration for his script for Whiplash. Chazelle won the best director Oscar for La La Land, making him, at age 32, the youngest director in history so honored. The film was nominated for a total of 14 Academy Awards.


2009 Guy and Madeline on a Park Bench

2013 Whiplash (short)

2014 Whiplash

2016 La La Land

2018 First Man / Pierwszy człowiek

Cast & Crew

director Damien Chazelle
screenplay Josh Singer (based on the book by James R. Hansen)
cinematography Linus Sandgren
editing Tom Cross
music Justin Hurwitz
cast Ryan Gosling, Claire Foy, Jason Clarke, Ciaran Hinds, Kyle Chandler
producer Adam Merims, Josh Singer, Steven Spielberg
production Amblin Entertainment, DreamWorks, Perfect World Pictures, Temple Hill Entertainment, Universal Pictures
Polish distributor UIP
language English
coloration colour
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