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Monrovia, Indiana

Frederick Wiseman, USA 2018, 143’
Polish premiere
Love Means Zero RBG

Frederick Wiseman, the doyen of American documentary filmmaking, goes to the countryside. In Monrovia, Indiana, which debuted at the Venice Film Festival, the director gives us his characteristic deep insight, this time into small-town daily life. The movie features, among others, regular customers at the local gun store or masons taking part in a peculiar ritual. Even though Wiseman often demonstrates an absurd, Forman-like sense of humor, it's not his aim to create a fancy caricature. The director intends to portray a specific small-town mentality, delineated by a conviction of its own uniqueness and a complete lack of interest in the outside world. In this respect  Monrovia is a gloomy reverse of Wiseman's previous movie, which was an homage to libraries and other institutions promoting knowledge about the world - Ex Libris: New York Public Library. At the same time, the latest documentary remains one of the most politically biased works in his entire career. According to Eric Kohn from IndieWire, Frederick Wiseman goes to Trump Country, where no one talks about Trump.

Piotr Czerkawski

Frederick Wiseman

Born in 1930, American documentary filmmaker. For several decades, with absolute consistence, he has been making portraits of American public institutions, especially exposing mechanisms which underlie the systems of education, prisons, catering, entertainment and medical care in the USA. For many years, Wiseman has been working in a single model: gathering about one hundred hours of material recorded with no prior screenplay, he does not interview the characters, add music or commentary. Only recording and editing count and the director assigns an entire year for each project. Wiseman’s films (awarded at festivals in Venice, Cannes and Berlin), are like visual essays. Nowadays they are treated as classic pieces of their genre.

Selected filmography

1967 Titicut Follies (doc.)

1968 High School (doc.)

1993 Zoo (doc.)

1999 Belfast, Maine (doc.)

2011 Crazy Horse (doc.)

Cast & Crew

director Frederick Wiseman
cinematography John Davey
editing Frederick Wiseman
producer Frederick Wiseman
production Civic Film
sales Zipporah Films
language English
coloration colour
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