A Conversation with Gregory Peck

Barbara Kopple, USA 1999, 97’
To Kill a Mockingbird

Academy Award-winning documentarian Barbara Kopple follows the 83-year old Gregory Peck documenting the actor’s meetings with his admirers during the speaking tour throughout several cities across the US. Q&A sessions with audiences, anecdotes from film sets, and classic film excerpts all make for a fascinating documentary produced with Cecilia Peck, the actor’s daughter. Kopple accompanies Peck in his encounters with friends and the likes of Lauren Bacall, Martin Scorsese, Bill Clinton, and Jacques Chirac. She also shoots the off-screen real life moments of the Hollywood legend’s family gatherings as well as conversations with his wife, Veronique Peck. We also get to discover the interesting history behind the Cecilia’s son’s name. The film successfully portrays a noble, life-loving man, devoted to his family, with a passion for acting. This documentary is a must-see addition to Hollywood’s classic films at this year’s American Film Festival retrospective program starring Gregory Peck.

Iga Harasimowicz

Barbara Kopple

Legendary documentarian and film producer, Barbara Kopple is a recipient of multiple Emmy awards and prizes from the Sundance Festival, among others. She is the only female filmmaker honored by the Academy with two Oscars, for her bold and unconventional political documentaries Harlan County USA (1976) and American Dream (1991). Kopple often collaborates with artists, documenting their careers and family lives. In addition to A Conversation with Gregory Peck, she made films about Mike Tyson and Mariel Hemingway, as well as a wonderful documentary portraying a European concert tour of the Woody Allen jazz band.


1976 Harlan County U.S.A.

1990 Amerykański sen / American Dream

1997 Wild Man Blues

1999 Rozmowy z Gregorym Peckiem / A Conversation with Gregory Peck

2019 Desert One

Cast & Crew

director Barbara Kopple
screenplay Tom Hurwitz, Don Lenzer, Sandi Sissel
cinematography Bob Eisenhardt
editing Bob Eisenhardt
music Art Labriola
cast Gregory Peck, Cecilia Peck, Veronique Peck
producer Barbara Kopple, Cecilia Peck, Kristi Jacobson, Linda Saffire
production Turner Classic Movies (TCM)
sales Ted Rose
language English, French
coloration colour
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