Leave the Bus Through the Broken Window

Andrew Hevia, USA, Hong Kong 2019, 68’
Polish premiere

“You are here to make a film. You have a camera and nothing else,” says speech synthesizer with a female voice in a documentary made by one of Moonlight producers. Screenplay—barely sketched out, budget—almost non-existing, topic and characters—we’ll find out. Despite these limitations, or perhaps thanks to them, Andrew Hevia made unexpectedly engaging, bittersweet documentary about himself, weird artists and traps lying in wait in supermarkets. The pretext to grab a camera arises on a trip to Honk Kong, where the director has the opportunity to look at the local art scene during the important Art Basel fair. But how do you enter an unknown world? The documentary project quickly turns into a self-portrait of a lost, 30-year-old man, who does not really know where his life and film are heading. Armed with a small camera and a huge amount of irony, Hevia tries to fight confusion in an alien town, heals a broken heart and tries to get accustomed to living in an expensive broom closet. All festivalgoers, who do not always have their fingers on the pulse, will find themselves in this honest glance at millenials.

Mariusz Mikliński

Andrew Hevia

Filmmaker from Miami. Co-founder of Borscht Corp. collective, the organizer of Borscht Film Festival which, according to Indiewire is “the weirdest film festival on the planet.” He graduated from the Film School of the Florida State University. The producer of Amy Seimetz’s Sun Don’t Shine and the Academy Awards-winning Moonlight. Leave the Bus Through the Broken Window was screened on South by Southwest Film Festival and Copenhagen International Documentary Festival.


2012 Rising Tide: A Story of Miami Artists (doc.)

2015 Sawgrass City (short doc.)

2019 Opuść autobus przez wybitą szybę / Leave the Bus Through the Broken Window (doc.)

Cast & Crew

director Andrew Hevia
screenplay Andrew Hevia
cinematography Andrew Hevia
editing Carlos David Rivera
producer Andrew Hevia, Carlos David Rivera
production One Eight Five Films
sales Cargo Releasing
language English, Cantonese
coloration colour
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