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Light From Light

Paul Harrill, USA 2019, 82’
Polish premiere
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Do you believe in ghosts or are you a skeptic? Shelia (a subtle performance by Marin Ireland), whose dreams have repeatedly proved to be prophetic, doesn’t have an answer to this question. In order to understand her gift and to help others who may have experienced paranormal activity, she is part of a group that investigates paranormal activity, such as the case of Richard (Jim Gaffigan), a man who claims that his ranch in Tennessee is haunted by the ghost of his deceased wife. Could this be true? Shelia, her teenage son, and his girlfriend—the latter two are trying to figure out whether they still want to be together—help investigate the case. Paul Harrill’s second film, shown at this year’s Sundance Festival, Light From Light—one of the producers was Elisabeth Moss (The Square, The Handmaid’s Tale)—is more than a horror or another X-Files-style case; it’s an atmospheric story about people looking for something greater among the everyday. Ghosts, love, the meaning of life?

Adam Kruk

Paul Harrill

Paul Harrill is an American director and screenwriter who has connections with Knoxville, Tennessee, where he lectures at the University of Tennessee. That is also where he and the critic Darren Hughes founded The Public Cinema, which shows American and world independent cinema to Texas audiences. He has directed several short films, including the award-winning (Sundance, Santa Fe, Nashville) Gina, an Actress, Age 29. He made his debut five years ago with the feature film Something, Anything, which he followed up with Light from Light, appeared at Sundance this year.


1997 One Inch Equals a Hundred Miles (short)

2001 Gina, an Actress, Age 29 (short)

2008 Quick Feet, Soft Hands (short)

2014 Something, Anything

2019 Światłość ze światłości / Light from Light

Cast & Crew

director Paul Harrill
screenplay Paul Harrill
cinematography Greta Zozula
editing Courtney Ware
music Adam Granduciel, Jon Natchez
cast Marin Ireland, Jim Gaffigan, Josh Wiggins, Atheena Frizzell, David Cale
producer James M. Johnston, Kelly Williams, Toby Halbrooks, Elisabeth Moss, Tim Headington, Theresa Steele
production Ley Line Entertainment, Sailor Bear, Ten Acre Films
sales Elisabeth Moss
language English
coloration colour
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