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Annie Silverstein, USA 2019, 105’
Polish premiere
Burning Cane

Annie Silverstein debuts in style and proves that cinema still loves most the weird, mismatched couples—even weirder than Lemmon and Matthau. In her first movie, she shows what could happen if a fourteen year old girl befriended an ex-rodeo star living somewhere in Houston poor suburbs. The girl, Kris, despite her young age, has already toughened up—since the girl’s mother went to jail, she and her sister are on their own. One night she decides to break into the house of her neighbor Abe, who drinks to medicate his injuries and regularly threatens to kill Kris’s dog. This stupid act turns out to be the beginning of a surprising friendship, which no one understands. They don’t understand it either because everything divides them, from their age to their skin color. Everything, and yet nothing. After all, the world forgets a fourteen year old girl as quickly as it forgets an ex-rodeo star.

Marta Bałaga


Deauville FF 2019 – Critics Award, Grand Special Prize, Revelations Prize

Annie Silverstein

An award-winning American producer and director who lives currently in Austin, Texas, where she also teaches at the university. She is the founder of the Native Lens, a program for youth, and co-founder of Longhouse Media, a non-profit organization. Her first feature film, Bull, debuted this year at Cannes, the film festival where she had previously won an award for her short film Skunk. The „Filmmaker” magazine included her on its 25 „New Faces of Independent Film” list.


2008 March Point (doc.)

2009 Chase Me (short)

2012 Spark (short)

2014 Skunk (short)

2019 Byk / Bull

Cast & Crew

director Annie Silverstein
screenplay Annie Silverstein, Johnny McAllister, Josh Melrod (story consultant)
cinematography Shabier Kirchner
editing Todd Holmes
music William Ryan Fritch
cast Rob Morgan, Amber Havard, Yolonda Ross
producer Monique Walton, Bert Marcus, Heather Rae, Ryan Zacarias, Audrey Rosenberg
production Bert Marcus Productions, Invisible Pictures
sales UIP/Sony
language English
coloration colour
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