Explicit Ills

Mark Webber, USA 2008, 87’
The End of Love

An artist sells marijuana to earn money to buy food. A young boy dreams of weightlifting. His parents are planning to open a store. A poor mother (the wonderful Rosario Dawson) can’t afford treatment for her asthmatic child. In Explicit Ills, Mark Webber’s debut film, the lives of all these characters are intertwined. The film mainly deals with the issue of growing social inequalities and how they disproportionately affect the weakest. Webber grew up in Philadelphia, where the film is set, and he knows the city’s poorest districts inside out. The film is also a tender and bitter portrait of a poor part of the city that is undergoing gentrification. It was beautifully filmed by Patrice Lucien Cochet, the cinematographer who worked on all of Webber’s subsequent films. Jim Jarmusch was the executive producer of Explicit Ills. The film won three awards at the SXSW Festival, including the Audience Award.

Łukasz Knap


SXSW FF 2008 - Audience Award, Best Cinematography

Mark Webber

Mark Webber is an American director, producer, screenwriter, and actor known for his roles in both commercial films such as Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, and independent projects, such as Dear Wendy and Broken Flowers. He grew up in a poor suburb of Philadelphia, where he and his mother were homeless for a long time. The experience of extreme poverty has had an impact on his career as a filmmaker, as he consistently situates himself on the margins of the mainstream. He has directed five full-length films, which are often based on his personal experiences, as well as those of his family and wife, the actress Teresa Palmer. Webber’s films have been presented at many independent film festivals, including SXSW and Sundance.


2008 Wszystkie nasze choroby / Explicit Ills

2012 Koniec miłości / The End of Love

2014 Długo i szczęśliwie / The Ever After

2017 Z krwi i kości / Flesh and Blood

2019 The Place of No Words

Cast & Crew

director Mark Webber
screenplay Mark Webber
cinematography Patrice Lucien Cochet
editing Jay Rabinowitz
music Khari Mateen
cast Francisco Burgos, Rosario Dawson, Black Thought, Paul Dano, Lou Taylor Pucci, Naomie Harris, Frankie Shaw
producer Mark Webber, Liz Destro, Son Tryson
production Mangusta Productions, Bluhammock Productions, Exoskeleton, Film 101 Productions, Riker Hill Films
sales APL Film
language English
coloration colour
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