Lost Bayou

Brian C. Miller Richard, USA 2019, 87’
European premiere
Lingua Franca Lost Transmissions

In his first feature film, director Brian C. Miller Richard delves with delight into unknown corners of Louisiana that have been completely forgotten by the modern world and, like many artists before him who were fascinated by Southern Gothic, gets lost somewhere between reality and hot, sticky mysticism. Just like his protagonist, Gal (Teri Wyble, who also hails from the area), a young woman struggling with addiction, who lost control of her life long ago—she’s even a day late for her own child’s birthday. When she receives a phone call from her estranged father, a healer, who is still living somewhere in the swamps and, as he claims, is worried about the condition of her sick mother, she decides to go back home, since her mother had died a few years earlier. To the hypnotic music of the Grammy-winning Lost Bayou Ramblers, the director takes a look at every shameful corner of the American South—which is still very reluctant to share its secrets.

Marta Bałaga

Brian C. Miller Richard

Brian C. Miller Richard is an American director and cinematographer who grew up in Louisiana. He studied at the international film school in Sydney. He has worked as a music video director, including for the song “Too Old to Die Young” from the soundtrack to Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained. He has also directed multi-award-winning commercials. His debut feature film, Lost Bayou, was shown at the Tribeca Festival. He had previous made several short films. He is the owner of the Construct Films production company.


2006 Hard Vengeance (short)

2013 Cabbie (short)

2016 Atchafalaya (short)

2016 Huevos Rancheros (short)

2019 Lost Bayou

Cast & Crew

director Brian C. Miller Richard
screenplay Nick Lavin, Hunter Burke
cinematography Natalie Kingston
editing Robert Grigsby Wilson, Brian C. Miller Richard
music Lost Bayou Ramblers
cast Teri Wyble, Dane Rhodes, Deneen Tyler, Hunter Burke, Terence Rosemore, Jackson Beals
producer Alicia Davis Johnson, Kenneth Reynolds, Brian C. Miller Richard, Hunter Burke, Russell Blanchard, Murray Roth
production A #Create Louisiana, Construct Films
sales Hunter Burke
language English
coloration colour
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