James Franco, USA 2019, 96’
Polish premiere
The Wolf Hour

James Franco returns with a movie which spent a few years on the back burner before it could debut on this year’s San Sebastián Film Festival. The idiosyncratic Zeroville, anadaptation of Steve Erickson’s novel, was produced even before cult classic A Disaster Artist, a hit on the 8th AFF. Zeroville is Franco’s another surprising film about an obsessive cinephillia, which strongly resembles the paranoid and absurd style of Inherent Vice. The director plays a role of enigmatic, slightly autistic boy who comes to Hollywood in the late 60s. His mind is obsessed with the great American classics, his head is decorated with a tattoo which portrays Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift from George Stevens’s A Place in the Sun, and he smiles like Buster Keaton. He enters the irrational world of the Dream Factory with a pure affection for cinema and a large amount of naivety. One can sense the changing of the guard and forthcoming of the New—a new, different era emerges with a new generation of filmmakers, while the cultural revolution and political chaos burst nearby. Zeroville is an energetic, cinephillic trip, funny and multi-dimensional, which at times resembles Tarantino’s latest film.

Marcin Pieńkowski

James Franco

Jack of all trades among filmmakers: He is a film and stage director, screenwriter, producer, writer, visual artist, musician, activist and an academic teacher. Perhaps the most hardworking person in show business, involved in countless projects, both artistic and commercial. He was nominated to Academy Award for Best Actor in Danny Boyle’s 127 Hours and won two Golden Globe awards, as well as many other film awards. According to American Film Festival audiences he is the most important person in American independent cinema.

Selected filmography

2005 The Ape

2005 Fool’s Gold

2007 Good Time Max

2011 The Broken Tower

2011 Sal

2013 Kiedy umieram / As I Lay Dying

2013 Bukowski

2013 Dziecię boże / Child of God

2014 Wściekłość i wrzask / The Sound and the Fury

2016 W niepewnym boju / In Dubious Battle

2017 Tenn

2017 Instytut / The Institute

2017 The Disaster Artist

2018 Future World

2018 Pretenders / The Pretenders

2019 Zeroville

2019 The Long Home

Cast & Crew

director James Franco
screenplay Paul Felten, Ian Olds (based on Steve Erickson's novel)
cinematography Bruce Thierry Cheung
editing Matthew Diezel, Joe Murphy
music Johnny Jewel
cast James Franco, Seth Rogen, Megan Fox, Will Ferrell
producer Caroline Aragon, Vince Jolivette, Michael Mendelsohn
production Patriot Pictures, RabbitBandini Productions
sales Moonstone Films
language English
coloration colour
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