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Under the Silver Lake

David Robert Mitchell, USA 2018, 139’
It Follows Listen Up Philip

The protagonist in David Robert Mitchell's neo-noir film is an unemployed man from Los Angeles who devours pop culture, Sam (Andrew Garfield manages to convincingly extract a sense of eternal boyishness from his character), who would like to do something sensible but, for now, settles for playing Nintendo and masturbating. The mysterious disappearance of an attractive girl from his neighborhood, however, awakens the unflappable Philip Marlowe in him, and his amateur investigation casts an ever-wider net. Sam is guided on the trail of a powerful conspiracy (involving a millionaire, a dog killer and a hit songwriter) by information encoded on old VHS tapes, Hollywood locations, signs on walls, songs and comics. With a dizzying number of allusions, the film can be decoded in many different ways: as a radical criticism of Hollywood in the spirit of #metoo (the realm of white men ensnaring women in their fantasies), as an existential tale about the fact that we ourselves are the source of all mysteries or simply as a fiendishly convoluted and at the same time brilliantly simple work on pop-cultural obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Małgorzata Sadowska

David Robert Mitchell

Born in 1974, David Robert Mitchell is an independent filmmaker and screenwriter who gained international recognition with his film It Follows. Inspired by the work of John Carpenter, the film was part of the new wave of American horror, which includes The LegacyGet  Out! and A Quiet PlaceIt Follows premiered at the Cannes Festival, just like   Under the Silver Lake, which was part of the competition at Cannes.

Selected filmography

2010 Legendarne amerykańskie pidżama party / The Myth of American Sleepover

2014 Coś za mną chodzi / It Follows

2018 Tajemnice Silver Lake / Under the Silver Lake

Cast & Crew

director David Robert Mitchell
screenplay David Robert Mitchell
cinematography Mike Gioulakis
editing Julio Perez
music Disasterpeace
cast Andrew Garfield, Riley Keough, Topher Grace, Zosia Mamet, Jimmi Simpson
producer Chris Bender, Michael De Luca, Adele Romanski, Jake Weiner
production Pastel Productions, Michael De Luca Productions
Polish distributor Gutek Film
language English
coloration colour
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