Madeline's Madeline

Josephine Decker, USA 2018, 93’
The Florida Project The Disaster Artist

Sensitive Madeline (Helena Howard in her first role) is struggling with psychological problems. When she starts taking part in an acting workshop run by the charismatic Evangeline (Molly Parker), who immediately notices her talent, it seems like she's finally found the right place. But Evangeline's methods make her lose control again. With her third film, which was well received at the Sundance Festival, Josephine Decker has solidified her position on the American independent cinema scene. Decker (Butter on the Latch, New Horizons 2014), recognized by Indiewire as the most powerful voice in American cinema of the 21st century shows that the line between teenage rebellion and mental illness is extremely thin. Her protagonist is sometimes a cat, sometimes a turtle and sometimes she's even Madeline. We can't be sure, however, if she really is her or if she's just playing the role of Madeline for the adults who are constantly trying to correct and shape her.  The emotions you experience aren't yours, she says. You aren't a cat, you're in a cat!

Marta Bałaga


Montclair FF 2018 - Future/Now - Special Jury Prize; Sarasota FF 2018 – Special Jury Prize

Josephine Decker

Born in London in 1981, Josephine Decker is an American director, screenwriter and performance artist. She studied at Princeton University. Her third film, Madeline's Madeline, was shown at the Sundance Festival and in Berlin, where she also presented two of her previous films, including  Butter on the Latch, which took part in the Main Competition at the New Horizons Festival. She has appeared in Alison Bagnall's  Funny Bunny and Onur Tukel's  Richard's Wedding. "Filmmaker Magazine" named her one of the "25 new faces of independent cinema."


2009 Where Are You Going, Elena? (short)

2012 Me the Terrible (short)

2013 Masło na zasuwce / Butter on the Latch

2014 Łagodnie i czule / Thou Wast Mild and Lovely

2018 Madeline i Madeline / Madeline’s Madeline

Cast & Crew

director Josephine Decker
screenplay Josephine Decker
cinematography Ashley Connor
editing Harrison Atkins, Josephine Decker
music Caroline Shaw
cast Helena Howard, Molly Parker, Miranda July, Felipe Bonilla, Lisa Tharps
producer Krista Parris, Elizabeth Rao
production Bow and Arrow Entertainment, Forager Films
sales Visit Films
language English
coloration colour
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