Ice on Fire

Leila Conners, USA 2019, 94’
Native Son

Filmmakers travel the world to answer the question of whether climate change can still be reversed. The documentary shows many ways to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and how to eliminate harmful compounds from air, all of it necessary to lower global temperatures. Ice on Fire shows that humanity still has a chance to restore balance in our ecosystem through creativity, ingenuity, vision and technology. The visually stunning HBO and Tree Media documentary directed by Leila Conners (Five to Twelve) is produced by Oscar-winning Leonardo DiCaprio.

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Cast & Crew

director Leila Conners
screenplay Leila Conners
cinematography Harun Mehmedinović
music Jeremy Soule, Jonah Johnson
producer Leonardo DiCaprio, Mathew Schmid
production Appian Way, Home Box Office (HBO), Tree Media Group
sales HBO
language English
coloration colour
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