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Her Smell

Alex Ross Perry, USA 2018, 134’
Listen Up Philip The Spectacular Now

The phenomenal, unpredictable and fascinating Elisabeth Moss returns in the latest film by Alex Ross Perry. She looks and raves like a true punk diva - a cross between Courtney Love, Amy Winehouse and Janis Joplin. This is her film, though it includes an all-star line-up, it is Moss who divides and conquers.  Her Smell tells the story of Becky Something's tremendous rise and painful fall. She fronts a popular punk band, where punk is in first place and professionalism is last. The bandmates try to keep their heads above water which becomes harder by the day as ever-younger, fresher and more motivated bands knock on the doors of the same managers and recording studios. They feel the breath of competition on their backs while the mood in the band sours as no one manages to keep up with Becky's kaleidoscope moods. With runny mascara and glittering faces, the girls shine, but realize they've hit the beginning of the end. IndieWire's David Ehrlich wrote,  More loudly stylized than [Alex Ross Perry's] earlier films, Her Smell  is visceral nightmare from the moment; if the script evokes John Cassavetes, the aesthetic seems more inspired by Gaspar Noé. And that's enough incentive to see any film.

Magdalena Maksymiuk

Alex Ross Perry

Alex Ross Perry is an American film director, screenwriter and actor. Born in 1984 in Pennsylvania, he quickly moved to New York. There, he graduated from the University of New York and worked at the famous Kim's Video, where he met future collaborators, including DOP Sean Price Williams. He made his debut with the 2009 war drama,  Impolex, though in later films, such as  Listen Up Philip and the  Queen of Earth, he reveals a comic touch. While admitting to finding inspiration in works by Thomas Pynchon and Philip Roth, he makes films in his own distinctive style.

Selected filmography

2009 Impolex

2011 The Color Wheel

2014 Do ciebie, Philipie / Listen Up Philip

2015 Królowa Ziemi / Queen of Earth

2017 Złote wyjście / Golden Exits

2018 Her Smell

Cast & Crew

director Alex Ross Perry
screenplay Alex Ross Perry
cinematography Sean Price Williams
editing Robert Greene
music Keegan DeWitt
cast Elisabeth Moss, Cara Delavigne, Dan Stevens, Agyness Deyn, Ashley Benson, Eric Stoltz
producer Elisabeth Moss, Matthew Perniciaro, Adam Piotrowicz, Michael Sherman
production Bow and Arrow Entertainment
sales Bow and Arrow Entertainment
language English
coloration colour
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