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American Honey

Andrea Arnold, Wielka Brytania, USA 2016, 163’

A crazed love story directed by Andrei Arnold ( Fish Tank), one of the most interesting directors working today, an Oscar nominee and recipient of many awards at Cannes. This is a modern road film whose young characters seek independence and freedom. The 18-year-old Star (big screen debut for Shasha Lane) dreams of getting out of the small town where she lives with her stepfather and younger siblings. After another family row, she abandons her life to join a random group of peers tramping through America in search of adventure and easy money. Rambling is their daily life, motels their homes in a ceaseless celebration set to pulsing pop hits. Crystal (Riley Keough, who starred in  The Girlfriend Experience), is their leaders with power to decide who the clique accepts or rejects, and her closest companion, Jake (Shia LeBoeuf), takes Star under his wing. As their adventures push the bounds of legality, their emotions simmer from infatuation to a love that will be severely tested.

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Cannes IFF 2016 – Jury Prize

Andrea Arnold

Andrea Arnold was born in 1961 in Dartford, Kent. After many years acting and working on television productions for children, she made her directorial debut, which immediately caught the attention of critics and the industry insiders. Her third short film, Wasp (2003), won an Oscar. Her films are ambiguous both visually and in terms of genre, and they usually involve stories about young women, often from the working class, such as Red Road and Fish Tank). Her naturalistic style hides complex filmmaking skills and a great deal of empathy for her characters, often played by inexperienced actors.


2003 Osa / Wasp (short)

2006 Red Road 

2009 Fish Tank 

2013 Wichrowe wzgórza / Wuthering Heights

2014 Transparent (tv series)

2016 American Honey

Cast & Crew

director Andrea Arnold
screenplay Andrea Arnold
cinematography Robbie Ryan
editing Joe Bini
music Earworm Music (supervisor) (including tracks by) Kevin Gates, Juicy J, Migos, Jeremih, Rhianna, Suicide, Bonnie “Prince” Billy
cast Sasha Lane, Shia LaBeouf, Riley Keough, McCaul Lombardi, Arielle Holmes
producer Thomas Benski, Lars Knudsen, Jay Van Hoy, Lucas Ochoa, Pouya Shahbazian, Alice Weinberg
production British Film Institute, Film4 Productions, ManDown Pictures, Maven Pictures, Parts&Laboratory, Pulse Films
Polish distributor Gutek Film
language English
coloration colour
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