Yoga at AFF

Joga podczas AFF
The Art of DC. The Dawn of Super Heroes exhibition preview

Why practice yoga? Because yoga allows you to build a deeper relationship with your body, it shows how to calm your mind, teaches conscious breathing and a greater awareness. Breath after breath, asana after asana, yoga helps build strength and serenity, teaches discipline, trust and acceptation for what is given, because nothing is permanent. By making our bodies stronger and more flexible, we also make our minds and spirit more flexible. The most important thing yoga teaches is about our relationships with other people and nature, outside of the mat. Practice of yoga will give you as much as you invest into it. If you approach it only physically, your health and self-esteem will improve. And if you pay more attention to conscious breathing and focusing your mind, you will benefit from yoga in another way. You don’t have to be flexible, you don’t have to meditate, you don’t have to know what “sun salutation” is. Simply take the first step and begin where you are. I’ll be waiting for you on the mat!

Oliwia Misztur

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