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The Art of DC. The Dawn of Super Heroes exhibition preview

Zapowiedź wystawy Sztuka DC. Świt superbohaterów
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Till February EC1 in Łódź hosts The Art of DC. The Dawn of Super Heroes exhibition. Exhibition is an extensive presentation of the vast DC Universe, with exhibits attracting fans of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and others. Original comic panels since 1938 and props from the iconic film adaptations (like costumes from Christopher Nolan’s movies) will be presented.

To celebrate the Polish edition of the exhibition, Polish DC publisher Egmont invited few popular and critically acclaimed Polish artists to prepare alternative covers to some regularly released series from the DC universe, such as: BatmanDetective ComicsSuperman Action ComicsHarley QuinnJustice LeagueFlash. For instance, Batman visited Wrocław in an artistic vision of Grzegorz Przyboś.

Tickets sale starts on 23th October, noon.
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