They Call Me Dr. Miami

Jean-Simon Chartier, Canada 2020, 77’
The Last Out Truth or Consequences

Michael Salzhauer has Steve Carell’s charisma; he’s a social media star (with 1.5 million followers on Instagram), and he’s been mentioned in the lyrics of numerous rap hits. Known as Dr. Miami, he’s also one of the world’s most famous plastic surgeons, and he’s made a show out of his profession: he’s posted broadcasts of his operations on the Internet, recorded humorous videos in the operating room, and hosted his own reality show. He had no trouble fitting in his patients—people striving to achieve an imagined perfection—and he became a celebrity himself. Jean-Simon Chartier’s documentary is a portrait of a colorful and ambivalent figure (in his private life, Salzhauer is a very devout Jew) while, at the same time, taking a look from afar at a world obsessed with fake Instagram beauty, a world that requires greater and greater sacrifices, a world of great fortunes, momentary stars, and frauds whose illegal practices result in a certain death toll year after year.

Jakub Demiańczuk

Jean-Simon Chartier

Jean-Simon Chartier is a Canadian director, screenwriter, and producer of documentaries. He started his career working in the advertising industry in order to set up a document processing company. In his films, he takes a penetrating look at the phenomenon of mass culture, from the Burning Man festival in Nevada, through computer games, to plastic surgery.


2010 Encountering Burning Man (doc.)

2012 Sister Violaine (doc. short)

2012 Alleluia (doc.)

2015 Marchands de Bonheur (doc.)

2017 Into the Fortress (doc.)

2018 Grając o honor / Playing Hard (doc.)

2018 Corps à la carte (doc.)

2020 Doktor Miami / They Call Me Dr. Miami (doc.)

Cast & Crew

director Jean-Simon Chartier
screenplay Jean-Simon Chartier
cinematography Maxime Pouliot
editing Martin Bourgault
producer Jean-Simon Chartier
production Cargo Films and Releasing, MC2 Communication Média
sales Cargo Releasing
language English
coloration colour
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