How to Overthrow the US Government (Legally)

Caveh Zahedi, USA 2020, 79’
Dark City Beneath the Beat Jimmy Carter: Rock & Roll President

How to overthrow the US government? What to do to stop Donald Trump from turning the United States into the Fourth Reich? Legally, of course. This is the subject of an academic course run jointly by the director Caveh Zahedi and the activist Jacques Servin. Lacking substance, one seminar after another proves to be devoid of a plan; they’re largely wasted on ad hoc nonsense. There’s no indication of the fact that the fire of revolution that will spread to the rest of the country is going to be ignited in their dark room. Even so, something radical finally happens: the young man and his two guardians become closer. After empathy comes solidarity. This is precisely how great political changes begin: with interpersonal understanding. Zahedi, who is both one of the protagonists of the documentary and its creator, shows a pedagogical process without pathos, but with a discreet and tender sense of humor.

Piotr Mirski

Caveh Zahedi

Born in 1960, Caveh Zahedi is an American filmmaker of Iranian origin. After receiving a degree in philosophy from Yale, he moved to France to pursue a directing career there, but after a series of setbacks, he returned to United States and enrolled in film school at UCLA. He made his debut with the comedy A Little Stiff, which was based on his own personal experience. Later, he turned other aspects of life into artistic material. One of his best-known works is I Am a Sex Addict, in which he confesses to being addicted to prostitutes.

Selected filmography

1991 A Little Stiff (co-dir.)

1994 I Don't Hate Las Vegas Anymore (doc.)

2005 Jestem maniakiem seksualnym / I Am a Sex Addict

2012 Szejk i ja / The Sheik and I (doc.)

2020 Jak (legalnie) obalić amerykański rząd / How to Overthrow the US Government (Legally) (doc.)

Cast & Crew

director Caveh Zahedi
screenplay Caveh Zahedi
cast Jacques Servin, Caveh Zahedi
producer Caveh Zahedi
production Reinventing the Wheel
sales Alameda Entertainment
language English
coloration colour
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