Truth to Power: Barbara Lee Speaks For Me

Abby Ginzberg, USA 2020, 80’
Truth or Consequences Victoria

She raised two children on her own. She knows all too well what it means not to have enough to feed her own family. Barbara Lee, today the representative of California’s 13th district in the US House of Representatives, is the very model of a committed activist and politician working for those who don’t have the strength, time, or resources to look out for their own interests. She deals with issues of human rights and equality. She stresses that dealing with problems facing the poorest of the poor and fighting inequality is part of the fight for democracy. Truth to Power: Barbara Lee Speaks for Meis a portrait of one of the most dedicated African American activists in the United States. The director, Abby Ginzberg, outlines her path to high office and details the roots of her political involvement in the Black Panther Party. The film also shows other politicians breaking down the “white” wall of American politics: John Lewis, who passed away in July; Ayanna Pressley; and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Łukasz Knap

Abby Ginzberg

Abby Ginzberg is an American director and producer whose work focuses on the subject of racial discrimination and social inequality. She is the winner of a Peabody Award, a Silver Gavel Award, and a CINE Golden Eagle Award. Her penultimate film, Waging Change, explores the subject of jobs in which people depend on tips to earn a living, while Agents of Change tells the story of student protests in the late 1960s that led to the establishment of Black studies programs.


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2020 Barbara Lee. Prawdziwa władza / Truth to Power: Barbara Lee Speaks For Me

Cast & Crew

director Abby Ginzberg
screenplay Abby Ginzberg
cinematography Vicente Franco, Ashley James
editing Stephanie Mechura, Ken Schneider , Marta Wohl
music Osei Essed
cast Barbara Lee, John Lewis, Alice Walker Cory Booker, Ayanna Pressley, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
producer Abby Ginzberg, Joslyn Rose Lyons
sales Social Action Media
language English
coloration colour
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