The Glorias

Julie Taymor, USA 2020, 139’
Tesla The Killing of Two Lovers

A biopic based on the memoirs of one of the icons of American feminism, Gloria Steinem. A few months ago, we saw the story of the conservative Phyllis Schlafly in the fantastic series  Mrs. America. It’s now time to get to know one of Schlafly’s greatest opponents, who, thanks to her controversial views and characteristic image, shaped public opinion in the 1960s and continues to do so to this day. Taymor decides to show two Glorias (Alicia Vikander is Gloria aged 20–40, while the older Gloria is played by Julianne Moore) and highlights the most important moments in the activist’s life, linking them with both the past and the present. This is the story of Steinem’s memory and her legacy, but it is also a warning against engaging in the politics of vacuous, inappropriate people, of making empty promises, of disregarding the fundamental rights and freedoms of absolutely every citizen.  The Glorias arrives at just the right time: although it’s based on the protagonist’s memoirs, published in 2015, it seems that the same fight is still ongoing, and it is even more necessary, more ruthless, and more ferocious today.

Magdalena Maksimiuk

Julie Taymor

Uznana amerykańska scenarzystka, reżyserka, kostiumografka, nominowana do Oscara za  Fridę. Pochodzi z Massachussetts. Laureatka nagród Tony i Emmy. Reżyseruje również klasyczne opery, musicale (słynna adaptacja  Króla Lwa) i dramaty. Jej  Frida otrzymała łącznie 6 nominacji do Oscara. W 2015 roku zaproszono ją do Theater Hall of Fames for Lifetime Achievement In The American Theatre. Jest wielbicielką kina Kurosawy i Felliniego.


1999 Tytus Andronikus

2002 Frida

2007 Across the Universe

2010 Burza / The Tempest

2014 A Midsummer Night’s Dream

2020 Gloria Steinem. Moje życie w drodze / The Glorias

Cast & Crew

director Julie Taymor
screenplay Julie Taymor, Sarah Ruhl
cinematography Rodrigo Prieto
editing Sabine Hoffman
music Ellior Goldenthal
cast Alicia Vikander, Janelle Monae, Julianne Moore, Bette Midler, Timothy Huttinon
producer Marcei A. Brown, Sara Johnson, David Kern, Mickey Liddell, Amy Richards, Regina K. Scully, Pete Shilaimon, Gloria Steinem, Jenny Warburg
production Artemsis Rising Foundation, Page Fifty-Four Pictures
sales UIP
language English
coloration colour
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