The Lost Sons

Ursula Macfarlane, USA 2021, 99’
Polish premiere
Summer of Soul (...Or, When the Revolution Could Not Be Televised) The Sanctity of Space

This is really twisted. It's like the Twilight Zone! says Paul Fronczak, both dismayed and excited while driving into a dark tunnel. He conducts an investigation that goes deep into the past, along tangled genealogical threads. A few decades ago, the newborn son of the Fronczak family was kidnapped from the hospital, and several months later a boy was found left unattended in the street. Desperate parents recognized him as their child, but their judgment was far from clear. An adult Paul's attempt to clarify the matter brings shocking results. Belonging to the informal category of ‘documentaries stranger than fiction,’ Ursula Macfarlane's film has the structure of a detective story. However, more important than the puzzle here is the existential question about human identity - is it nature or nurture?

Piotr Mirski

Ursula Macfarlane

Ursula Macfarlane studied at Oxford and is an award-winning director specializing in documentary films who has worked with the BBC, PBS and Netflix. She was nominated for a BAFTA Award for One Deadly Weekend in America and Breaking Up with the Joneses and her Untouchable, dedicated to the victims of Harvey Weinstein, was shown as part of the 10th American Film Festival. She lives in London.


2006 Breaking Up with the Joneses (doc., TV)

2011 The Life and Loss of Karen Woo (doc., TV)

2017 One Deadly Weekend in America (doc.)

2019 Nietykalny / Untouchable (doc.)

2021 The Lost Sons (doc.)

Cast & Crew

director Ursula Macfarlane
screenplay Ursula Macfarlane
cinematography Tim Cragg, Neil Harvey, Isaac Mead-Long, Jean-Louis Schuller, Patrick Smith
editing Andy Worboys
music Segun Akinola
cast Paul Fronczak
producer Gagan Rehill
production CNN Films, Campfire, RAW
sales RAW/ CNN
language English
coloration colour
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