Permanent Vacation

Jim Jarmusch, USA 1980, 75’
Stranger Than Paradise

Two and a half days in the life of Allie Parker, a homeless, unemployed teenage dropout, a self-described, kind of a tourist... a tourist on permanent vacation. His "vacation" takes him on a tour of New York's, tough, peripheral, and degraded neighborhoods meeting madmen, maniacs and outsiders. He has brief encounters with them, does small business and moves on. Allie tells his girlfriend that there are two reasons for these city trips: insomnia and the desire to escape from loneliness. Jim Jarmusch's film is a portrait of the post-punk generation. Allie doesn't rebel, but keeps his distance, he does not get involved, but observes. Tom DiCillo's camerawork and the protagonist keep moving forward, never turning back, never registering the same place or character twice. Jarmusch cast Chris Parker, then 16 years old, who hung out at the punk club CBGB while legends of the New York underground like Eric Mitchell, Sara Driver and John Lurie join him on screen. Permanent Vacation is the firm film written, directed and produced by Jim Jarmusch. The film budget was a mere $ 12,000. 

Małgorzata Sadowska

Jim Jarmusch

Jim Jarmusch was born in 1953 in Akron, Ohio, and is one of the most important figures of in the history of independent cinema. Jarmusch studied at New York University Film School and Cinémathèque Française. His mentor was Nicholas Ray (director of Rebel Without a Cause), for whom Jarmusch also worked as assistant director. Thanks to the success of his first films, especially Stranger Than Paradise (1984), which won the Golden Camera at Cannes, Jarmusch came to symbolize a new generation of independent American cinema and became a critics' darling. The combination of his specific sense of humor and oft-used static scenes is so characteristic that the term Jarmuschian is understood throughout the world today. Laureate of, among others, Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival for a short film (Coffee and Cigarettes III, 1993) and winner of numerous other awards.


1980 Nieustające wakacje / Permanent Vacation

1984 Inaczej niż w raju / Stranger Than Paradise

1986 Poza prawem / Down by Law

1991 Noc na Ziemi / Night on Earth

1995 Truposz / Dead Man

1999 Ghost Dog: Droga samuraja / Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai

2003 Kawa i papierosy / Coffee and Cigarettes

2005 Broken Flowers

2009 The Limits of Control

2013 Tylko kochankowie przeżyją / Only Lovers Left Alive

2016 Paterson

2016 Gimme Danger (doc.)

2019 Truposze nie umierają / The Dead Don’t Die

Cast & Crew

director Jim Jarmusch
screenplay Jim Jarmusch
cinematography Thomas DiCillo, James A. Lebovitz
editing Jim Jarmusch
music John Lurie, Jim Jarmusch, Earl Bostic
cast Chris Parker, Leila Gastil, John Lurie, Richard Boes, Sara Driver, Charlie Spademan, Jane Fire, Ruth Bolton
producer Jim Jarmusch
production Cinesthesia
language English
coloration colour
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