Natalia Almada, USA, Mexico 2021, 81’
Polish premiere
The Story Won't Die Who We Are: A Chronicle of Racism in America

Will my baby love its perfect electronic nanny more than me, its imperfect biological mother? Natalia Almada shares a documentary story about technology’s role in a changing world. Has the conflict of man versus nature turned into a clash of people against machines? Or, maybe, we've begun to live in symbiosis with them? What does technology really mean to us? Users is a contemplative film with an almost meditative character that catches the eye and delights the senses not least because of beautiful images by Bennett Cerf. Some sequences look like polished pieces of art, but their virtuosity and style make one wonder whether this mastery stems from technological achievements that allowed them to be captured, or from the artistry of a man who decided to set up the camera in this particular location? Or maybe this distinction is no longer relevant? Users provokes us to consider the role of technology as well as the relevant opportunities and threats.

Michał Kaczoń


Sundance FF 2021 - Best Director (doc.)

Natalia Almada

Natalia Almada is a Mexican-American director and screenwriter. She is the great-granddaughter of controversial Mexican president Plutarco Elías Calles, whose story became the subject of her film The General. Almada looks at contemporary problems such as drug smuggling, the refugee crisis and the violence of law enforcement, always through a personal perspective. Almada received the MacArthur Prize for the precise presentation of contemporary topics in film.


2001 All Water Has Perfect Memory (short)

2005 All otro lado (doc.)

2009 Generał / El general / The General (doc.)

2009 The 8

2011 El Velador (doc.)

2016 Wszystko inne / Todo lo demás / Everything Else

2020 Cinetracs’20 (short doc.)

2021 Użytkownicy / Users (doc.)

Cast & Crew

director Natalia Almada
screenplay Natalia Almada
cinematography Bennett Cerf
editing Natalia Almada
music Dave Cerf, Kronos Quartet
producer Natalia Almada, Josh Penn, Elizabeth Lodge Strepp
production Department of Motion Pictures, Altamura Films, Atlas Industries
sales Film Constellation
language English
coloration colour
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