JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass

Oliver Stone, USA 2021, 119’
Polish premiere
Enemies of the State Love Longing Loss: At Home with Charles Lloyd During Isolation

The assassination of President Kennedy is a subject that Oliver Stone has been struggling with for years. His 1991 film JFK received eight Oscar nominations (winning two for Best Cinematography and Best Film Editing), while the director was accused of amplifying conspiracy theories. After three decades, he produced a documentary, which is a kind of epilogue to the original film. Using the declassified documents, he returns to a few questions related to the JFK murder. Where did the bullet found during the autopsy come from? Why did the authorities prevent professional pathologists from being present at the autopsy? Most importantly: who really benefited from Kennedy's death? With the help of scientists and historians studying the Dallas tragedy, Stone multiplies the answers and makes new suggestions. Some will call it underwhelming, others will find confirmation of their own suspicions or favorite conspiracy theories. Perhaps Stone just wanted to get back at his critics after all these years? Regardless of his motivation, the director of Natural Born Killers still knows how to piece the conspiratorial puzzle pieces into an engaging and persuasive whole. Whether we believe him is, in fact, of secondary importance. 

Jakub Demiańczuk

Oliver Stone

Oliver Stone is an actor, director, producer, and screenwriter. Winner of three Oscars - for directing Platoon and Born on the Fourth of July, and for Alan Parker's script for Midnight Express - as well as dozens of other film awards. Stone does not hide from difficult topics, constantly revealing the dark sides of American history. In recent years, he has been devoted primarily to documentary productions, often involving various conspiracy theories, or fraternizing with dictators (he has devoted films, among others, to Hugo Chavez and Vladimir Putin). Still, he remains one of the most important and controversial authors of American cinema.

Selected filmography

1981 Ręka / The Hand

1986 Salvador

1986 Pluton / Platoon

1987 Wall Street

1989 Urodzony 4 lipca / Born on the Fourth of July

1991 The Doors

1991 JFK

1993 Pomiędzy niebem a ziemią / Heaven & Earth

1994 Urodzeni mordercy / Natural Born Killers

1995 Nixon

1997 Droga przez piekło / U Turn

1999 Męska gra / Any Given Sunday

2003 Dowódca / Comandante

2004 Aleksander / Alexander

2006 World Trade Center

2008 W.

2010 Wall Street: Pieniądz nie śpi / Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

2012 Savages: ponad bezprawiem / Savages

2012 Historia Stanów Zjednoczonych według Olivera Stone’a / The Untold History of the United States (doc. TV series)

2014 Mi amigo Hugo (doc.)

2016 Snowden (doc.)

2017 Oliver Stone vs Putin / The Putin Interviews (doc. TV series)

Cast & Crew

director Oliver Stone
screenplay James DiEugenio
cinematography Robert Richardson
editing Brian Berdan, Kurt Mattila, Richard B. Molina
music Jeff Beal
cast James K. Galbraith, Henry Lee, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Oliver Stone
producer Robert S. Wilson
production Ingenious Media, Ixtlan Productions, Pantagruel Productions
sales Monolith
language English
coloration colour
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