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The Bigamist

Ida Lupino, USA 1953, 80’
The Hitch-Hiker Ida Lupino: Gentlemen & Miss Lupino

Marriage drama in a love triangle. The childless Grahams from San Francisco could have adopted the Not Wanted baby. Before that happens though, a background check needs to be undertaken. Eve dreams of being a mother, but her career starts to take off, while Harry is constantly traveling for work. He is also going through a mid-life crisis. He feels lonely and doubts his virility. On a bus trip around Hollywood, he meets Phyllis, an attractive woman working as a waitress at a Chinese restaurant. He doesn’t disclose his marital status and makes her pregnant. Remaining ostensibly loyal towards both strong women, Harry begins to lead a double life. Lupino could not escape moralizing, but she manages to distribute empathy evenly among all three protagonists, the sides of a tragic triangle. All three desperately look for happiness. Fate mocks Harry the most. Trying to escape from a beautiful entrepreneurial wife, he becomes ensnared by another woman who settles for nothing less than the whole of life: home, work, and love affair. Ida Lupino playing Phyllis here, is a smart, a bit embittered but nonetheless irresistible woman who guides us through an empty and unexciting Hollywood.

Monika Talarczyk
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Ida Lupino

Ida Lupino (1918–1995) was born into a British artistic family. She began her acting career when still a teenager, which gave her very early insight into the mechanisms that drive Hollywood. She got her big break in noir productions starring opposite Humphrey Bogart in They Drive by Night (1940) and High Sierra (1941). At 32, she gave up a lucrative studio contract and founded the independent label "The Filmakers" with two friends, which produced twelve feature films. Lupine directed or co-directed six of the films, she wrote the scripts for five, and starred in three.

Selected filmography

1949 Niechciane / Not Wanted

1950 Pokonać lęk / Never Fear

1950 Zniewaga / Outrage

1951 Wygrać siebie / Hard, Fast and Beautiful!

1953 Autostopowicz / The Hitch-Hiker

1953 Bigamista / The Bigamist

Cast & Crew

director Ida Lupino
screenplay Lawrence B. Marcus, Lou Schor, Collier Young
cinematography George E. Diskant
editing Stanford Tischler
music Leith Stevens
cast Joan Fontaine, Ida Lupino, Edmund Gwenn
producer Collier Young
production The Filmakers
sales Films Sans Frontières
language English
coloration b&w
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