We're All Going to the World's Fair

Jane Schoenbrun, USA 2021, 86’
Prisoners of the Ghostland Zola

Young Casey (great debut by Anna Cobb) shares her thoughts on life with her followers. There aren't many of them, but she hopes this will soon change. From her cozy attic, Casey partakes in a mysterious online game, the consequences of which no one knows, but literally anything can happen. After the solemn initiation, Casey documents everything that happens and get deeply into character. At some point, the line between game and reality begins to blur. We Are All Going to the World's Fair is a strong directorial debut. In a very thoughtful and visually attractive way, it shows young people's loneliness online as they are left to deal with the trials of growing up. 'Variety' described the film as what amounts to an unusually intimate, interior coming-of-age study.

Magdalena Maksimiuk

Jane Schoenbrun

Jane Schoenbrun is a non-binary producer, screenwriter, director, actress, who has also published in "Filmmaker" magazine. Jane co-created a variety TV show called The Eyeslicer, produced jointly with, among others, David Lowery, Ari Aster, the Zellner brothers and Shaka King. The project was shown at MoMA, Tribeca festival, at the Rotterdam Film Festival, and at the oldest porn theater in the US in Kansas City. We're All Going to the World's Fair premiered at Sundance in the NEXT section.


2018 A Self-Induced Hallucination (doc.)

2021 Wszyscy idziemy na wystawę światową / We’re All Going to the World’s Fair

Cast & Crew

director Jane Schoenbrun
screenplay Jane Schoenbrun
cinematography Daniel Patrick Carbone
editing Jane Schoenbrun
music Alex G
cast Anna Cobb, Michael J. Rogers, Holly Anne Frink
producer Daniel Patrick Carbone, Hannah Dweck, Matthew Petock, Theodore Schaefer, Zachary Shedd
production Dweck Productions, Flies Collective
sales Reel Suspects
language English
coloration colour
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