Scott Monahan, USA 2021, 80’
Polish premiere
Audience award nominated film. Vote after the screening.
Down with the King

Jacob has blue hair and a trunk full of teddy bears stuffed with opioids. John sometimes blurts out something in German, loves his red wool cap and thinks there are tons of fucked up people on this planet. Their plan is ambitious - they will finally make some money in Anchorage, Alaska - as long as they can get there from Florida in a jalopy, don't get caught by the police or consume all the merchandise themselves. Or, would it be better to go to Los Angeles? After all, half the country is addicted, and so are the stars. In his directorial debut, actor Scott Monahan stars alongside Dakota Loesch, the script writer, arguing, beating, dreaming and creating his own version of Waiting for Godot with gold teeth and a baseball bat in the foreground. Relaxing with their tutorials and quoting the Bible, the characters set off on the road, continuing their endless monologues akin to contemporary versions of Hunter S. Thompson's acolytes.

Audience award nominated film. Please pick up a voting card on entering the screening and tear in a place marking your opinion and throw it into an assigned box after the screening (cards and boxes will be available at the theaters). The filmmakers have a chance of winning $10,000. 

Marta Bałaga


Oldenburg FF 2021 – Best Film (Audience Award), Seymour Cassel Award for Dakota Loesch; Stony Brook FF 2021 – Best Film

Scott Monahan

Scott Monahan is an American actor, who began performing as a child. The drama Anchorage showing at the American Film Festival, in which he stars opposite Dakota Loesch, is his directorial debut. His first feature film as an actor was the comedy I Was A Teenage Wereskunk. He has also starred in Eating Cars, Love Shot and the TV series Turnt. Monahan was the artistic director of the international theater group Play Collaborative Arts; currently, he is a member of the Ceaseless Fun group.


2021 Anchorage

Cast & Crew

director Scott Monahan
screenplay Dakota Loesch
cinematography Erin Naifeh
editing Spencer Showalter
music Savannah Wheeler
cast Scott Monahan, Dakota Loesch, Christopher Corey Smith, Shelli Dolin Loesch
producer Taylor Harrington, Dakota Loesch, Scott Monahan, Gia Rigoli, Ethan Seneker
production The Malt Shop, Charley
sales Scott Monahan
language English
coloration colour
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