I Like Tomorrow

Nancy Andrews, Jennifer Reeder, USA 2021, 12’
Polish premiere
Feeling Through Rachels Don’t Run

Three women, one person. An astronaut drifting in the cosmic void argues with her “I” – the one from the past and from the future. Will there be room for all three materialized personalities on board a small ship? A comedic, feminist psychoanalysis in the science fiction convention with elements of musical and animation. 

Mariusz Mikliński

Jennifer Reeder

Jennifer Reeder is an American director and screenwriter born in 1971 in Ohio. She is a lecturer at the University of Illinois. Reeder's short films have been presented at festivals and galleries in Rotterdam, Vienna, Stockholm and New York. In 2018, her full-length project Knives and Skin, a rebellious thriller about the disappearance of a teenage girl,won the US in Progress section at the 8th American Film Festival. The film then had its world premiere at the Berlinale in 2019 in the Generation 14plus section.

Selected filmography

1995 White Trash Girl (short)

2015 Blood Below the Skin (short)

2016 Crystal Lake (short)

2019 Nóż na skórze / Knives and Skin 

Nancy Andrews

Nancy Andrews is an American director, animator and artist using various media who graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Chicago in 1995. Her hybrid works are included the collections of, among others, MoMA in New York and Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris. In 2015, she made her full-length debut: The Strange Eyes of Dr. Myes - an extension of the 2010 short film screened at Nowe Horyzonty in 2015.

Selected filmography

1996 An Epic Falling Between the Cracks (short)

2000 The Reach of an Arm (short)

2006 The Haunted Camera (short)

2010 Behind the Eyes are the Ears (short)

2015 Dziwne oczy dr Myes / The Strange Eyes of Dr. Myes

Cast & Crew

director Nancy Andrews, Jennifer Reeder
screenplay Jennifer Reeder, Nancy Andrews
cinematography Christopher Rejano
editing Charlie Kessler
music Nancy Andrews
cast Michole Briana White
producer Jennifer Reeder, Nancy Andrews
production Forevering Films
language English
coloration colour
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