The Drop

Sarah Adina Smith, USA, Mexico 2022, 92’
international premiere
Taurus The Integrity of Joseph Chambers

A vacation in paradise among a group of friends turns into an awkward game of appearances and intrigue when, as a result of a shocking event – the titular drop of a friend’s child on the ground, everyone discovers their worst sides. You will cringe and laugh till you… drop.

The Drop is a dark comedy about a baby being dropped on its head. How could I possibly resist the opportunity to confront the anxieties of looming parenthood through the safety of cinema, to laugh in advance at the terrible mistakes that I am sure to make? The Drop gave me the release that I’d been hoping for, mining our primal responses to the creation or protection of infants for terrific cringe comedy. This, however, is only one angle through which director/co-writer Sarah Adina Smith tackles even more universal themes. The Drop is a wickedly fun satire of modern intimacy, both between romantic partners and between friends. 

‘The Drop’: A Cringe Comedy That Depicts a Different Kind of Baby Boom (

Michał Kaczoń

Sarah Adina Smith

Sarah Adina Smith is a screenwriter, director, producer, editor, and occasionally also an actress. She holds a degree in philosophy from Columbia, which pushed her towards the topics of mysticism, religion and psychology that she explores in her work. Her debut film The Midnight Swim won awards at numerous American festivals.

Selected filmography

2006 Madina (short)

2009 The Sirens (short)

2009 One Cup of Coffee (short)

2014 The Midnight Swim

2016 Buster’s Mal Heart

2021 Rajskie ptaki / Birds of Paradise 

2022 Wypadek / The Drop

Cast & Crew

director Sarah Adina Smith
screenplay Sarah Adina Smith, Joshua Leonard
cinematography Shaheen Seth
editing Daniel Garber, Sarah Adina Smith
music Ellen Reid
cast Jermaine Fowler, Anna Konkle, Jillian Bell, Utkarsh Ambudkar, Gene Farber, Elisha Henig, Joshua Leonard, Jennifer Lafleur, Aparna Nancherla, Susan Sullivan
producer Sarah Adina Smith, Jay Duplass, Lia Buman, Jonako Donley, Mel Eslyn, Shuli Harel, Tim Headington, Joshua Leonard, Sean Drummond, Ana Leocha, Joey LePage, Neil Shah, Chelsea Bo, Max Silva, Omar Veytia
production Duplass Brothers Productions, Everything is Everything, Perception Media, Tango Entertainment
sales Duplass Brothers Productions
language English
coloration colour
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