Alex Thompson, USA 2022, 91’
Polish premiere
Roost Runner

A young doctor tries to escape from his old demons, but they haunt him again, even more ferociously. An excellent blend of thriller and psychological drama, directed by Alex Thompson, winner of the Audience Award at the 10th AFF for Saint Frances.

Cinematographer Nate Hurtsellers (himself a “Saint Frances” vet) shoots James in aptly bleak light or suffocating darkness, his life a waking fright he’s forever trying to escape. The movie even begins with a reference to the dream state of enkoimesis, in which ancient Greek physicians were visited by a God who inspired exorcism-like treatments. But this moody introduction, like the intermittent flashes of religious or paranormal iconography, is a red herring. James’ visions and memories are scary not for their intimations of insanity but for their basis in reality.

‘Rounding’ Film Review: ‘Saint Frances’ Director Returns With Intense, Unsettling Thriller (

Magdalena Bartczak

Alex Thompson

Alex Thompson is a writer, director and producer based in Chicago. His debut feature Saint Frances, premiered at the '19 SXSW Film Festival and won the Grand Jury prize for 'Breakthrough Voice', the Audience Award, and was appreciated by Polish audience of 10th American Film Festival in Wrocław. His hobbies including sport climbing and cooking.


2002  The Harder They Fall (short)

2014  Calumet (short)

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2018  Big Bad Wolf (short)

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2018  What I Do (short)

2019  Święta Frances / Saint Frances

2022  Rounding

Cast & Crew

director Alex Thompson
screenplay Alex Thompson, Christopher Thompson
cinematography Nate Hurtsellers
editing Michael Spencer Smith
music Macie Stewart, Quinn Tsan
cast Namir Smallwood, Sidney Flanigan, Michael Potts, Max Lipchitz, David Cromer, Cheryl Lynn Bruce
producer James Choi, Pierce Cravens, Leah Gaydos, Julianna Imel, Edwin Linker, Alex Thompson
production Chicago Media Angels, Endeavor Content, MarVista Entertainment, Metropolitan Entertainment, Runaway Train, Entertainment
sales Adam Kersh, Alex Thompson
language English
coloration colour
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