Devil Put the Coal in the Ground

Peter D. Hutchison, Lucas Sabean, USA 2021, 90’
Polish premiere
Battleground Naked Gardens

Coal gives you work, but it takes your life – is a life-long truth familiar to residents of doomed Appalachian Mountain towns where the plundering economy of energy corporations has led to environmental disaster and social collapse. A documentary from the heart of a dying America.

“Brilliant. Finely tailored. A subtle blend of pathos and urgency. DEVIL is such an honest film that it left me with hope, but also much sadness and anger. My hope is this anger can be channeled into action by people who can make change.” 

Jerry Hartleben, Documentary Programmer Sedona Film Festival

Jakub Demiańczuk


Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital 2022 - Audience Award

Peter D. Hutchison, Lucas Sabean

Peter D. Hutchison is a documentary film director, producer and screenwriter. His film Split: A Divided America (directed by Kelly Nyks) won awards at festivals in Dallas and New Haven. Lucas Sabean is an experimental filmmaker, director, producer, and editor.


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2021 Węgiel diabli nadali / Devil Put the Coal in the Ground (doc.)

Cast & Crew

director Peter D. Hutchison, Lucas Sabean
screenplay Peter D. Hutchison, Lucas Sabean
cinematography Mikey D’Amico, Justin Litton
editing Lucas Sabean
music Landon Knoblock
producer Peter D. Hutchison, David Kuhn, Lucas Sabean
production Big Tent Production, Naked City Films
sales B Glick
language English
coloration colour
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