Tracey Arcabasso Smith, USA 2022, 72’
Polish premiere
Nuclear Family Riotsville, USA

An intimate and moving story of sexual abuse among four generations of women. Produced by Laura Poitras (Snowden), it is a story of pain, generational trauma and searching for a way to a better future.

Yet, I'm not sure we've actually seen a film like Relative. With Relative, Smith starts from a place of speaking her own truths of experiencing childhood sexual abuse. It is within these intimate revelations, perhaps most powerfully manifested through an early in the film conversation she has with her mother, that she begins to unfold a complex tapestry of multigenerational sexual abuse in her Italian-American family. While these revelations could have overwhelmed the film, Relative is bathed in so much intimacy and simplicity that instead of this sense of overwhelm it feels as if we've sat alongside Smith for these long-repressed conversations that will either create division or direct us down a road less traveled.

"Relative" One of 2022 Nashville's Top Docs

Jakub Demiańczuk

Tracey Arcabasso Smith

Tracey Arcabasso Smith is a New York director who has previously worked primarily in advertising. She participated in the Young Lions competition at the Cannes Lions festival and is a Winner of the Future Is Female industry award. Relative is her full-length directorial debut, shown, among others, at the Nashville Film Festival.


2022 Krewni / Relative (doc.)

Cast & Crew

director Tracey Arcabasso Smith
screenplay Tracey Arcabasso Smith
cinematography Topaz Adizes
editing Jeremy Stulberg, Ian Olds, Natasha Mottola
music Garth Stevenson
producer Laura Poitras, Jenya James Hamidi
production We Collective Productions, Field of Vision
sales B Glick
language English
coloration colour
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