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Jules of Light and Dark

Daniel Laabs, USA 2018, 85’
European premiere
Izzy Gets the Fuck Across Town The Great Pretender

Contemporary Texas. Maya (Medel) and Jules (Holt) are leaving the city for a camping trip with friends. On their way back they have an accident, but luckily do not get hurt. The girls are saved by Freddy (terrific, still underrated Robert Longstreet), oil sector worker. Maya and Freddy are spending a lot of time together and become friends, but at that time of her life the girl needs a completely different type of friend. Jules of Light and Dark is a well-balanced and emotionally subtle debut, in which young characters are trying to find the way how to survive puberty painlessly. Laabs exploits space and "magic hour" brilliantly, which makes his film visually similar to American Honey by Andrea Arnold, Hide Your Smiling Faces by Carbone or Mud by Nichols. Yes, it is another  coming-of-age movie, but it has been a while since someone told a story about loneliness, insecurity and making hard decisions in such a mature way.

Magdalena Maksymiuk

Daniel Laabs

He showed his films at numerous festivals all over the world. He won the Grand Jury Award at SXSW. He lives in Dallas and selects films for Dallas International Film Festival. He is also a member of Austin Film Society Filmmaker Advisory Council. His first full-length film Jules światła i mroku participated in the US in Progress program last year and had its premiere at the New Orleans Film Festival. Laabs has already started working on the new project - The Expat.


2009 Sleet / Snow (short)

2009 Start a Band (short)

2010 Haggle (short)

2014 Easy (short)

2018 Jules światła i mroku / Jules of Light and Dark

Cast & Crew

director Daniel Laabs
screenplay Daniel Laabs
cinematography Noe Medrano Jr
editing Daniel Laabs, Judd Myers
music Brent Sluder
cast Tallie Medel, Robert Longstreet, Betsy Holt, Jonathan Miles Howard, Liz Cardenas
producer Liz Cardenas, Daniel Laabs, Judd Myers, Cameron Bruce Nelson, Russell Sheaffer, Adrian Testolin, Jeff Walker
production Artless Media, Hungry Bear Productions
sales Artless Media
language English
coloration colour
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