American Docs and Special Docs at 10th AFF!

"The Lighthouse" with Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson at 10th AFF! Participants and partners of US in Progress Wrocław 2019 announced

The story of MTV origins, marihuana to-the-rescue and a scandal in the US Army revealed by a transsexual woman — take a look at documentaries at American Film Festival!

10th American Film Festival starts in about a month—it’s our pleasure to invite you to the meeting with the united states of cinema! One of the festival's hallmarks is the American Docs section which allows viewers to watch the most famous last year’s documentaries presenting various faces of United States. This year's documentary program includes: I Want My MTV—a story of a pop-earthquake caused in the 80s by the famous TV channel, XY Chelsea—a film about the transsexual woman who revealed a scandal in the US Army, Love, Antosha—a movie-portrait of Anton Yelchin, the prematurely deceased Hollywood star and I Am Human, a story of real cyborgs: three people talking about their experiences after being connected to a computer. 13 titles from American Docs section will compete for the Audience Award— $ 5,000 funded by BNY Mellon. On the other hand, Special Docs section includes Waldo on Weed—an unconventional story about medical marijuana (featuring Whoopi Goldberg and Snoop Dogg).

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I Want My MTV, dir. Tyler Measom, Patrick Waldrop

Video Killed the Radio Star was the first music video presented in 1981 on a brand new TV channel. MTV quickly became a sensation and defined the entire 80s and 90s culture. I Want My MTV shows the programming process with all the controversy around it.

XY Chelsea, dir. Tim Travers Hawkins

Chelsea Manning, along with Edward Snowden, is one of the most famous whistleblowers in modern US history. Her transfer of sensitive data to WikiLeaks, which proved war crimes committed by US army, was disclosed in 2010. XY Chelsea is the story of a woman who was fighting for justice, but also, as a transsexual person, for her personal happiness.

Love, Antosha, dir. Garret Price

Deeply moving biography of Anton Yelchin who died tragically in 2016. Driven by friends’ and fellow actors’ memories and archival footage, Love, Antosha is an intimate portrait of a popular actor (known, among others, from the Star Trek series and Jim Jarmusch’s Only Lovers Left Alive), and also an homage to the film art itself.

I Am Human, dir. Elena Gaby, Taryn Southern

Being human—what does it really mean? The movie tells a story of three disabled people who undergo the procedure of connecting their brains to a computer. It makes them cyborgs—hybrids of machines and living organisms. 

Waldo on Weed, dir. Tommy Avallone

Brian Dwyer, the owner of a popular pizzeria, is the father of a boy who has been diagnosed with an eye cancer. When all standard therapies fail to succeed, he decides to try the last potential lifesaver: a medical marijuana. Brian's decision causes a series of bittersweet events.

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