Mark Webber — the winner of Indie Star Award

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His films have been presented at the most important indie festivals, such as SXSW, Tribeca and Sundance. Polish viewers know him for his work as an actor —he starred, among others, in Woody Allen’s  Hollywood Ending and Edgar Wright’s  Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. Mark Webber, one of the most interesting representatives of American avant-garde, will receive the Indie Star Award at 10th American Film Festival in Wrocław.

During the jubilee edition of the AFF, we will present all of Mark Webber’s movies: Flesh and Blood, The Ever After, The End of Love, Explicit Ills, and the latest, The Place of No Words.

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Łukasz Knap, film critic and journalist, says about Webber:

When asked about inspirations, he mentions without hesitation Jim Jarmusch, Lars von Trier, Ingmar Bergman and Harmony Korine — the directors for whom reality is an important material from which art can be created. Mark Webber starred in both Korine’s and Jarmusch’s films, with the latter being the executive producer of his directorial debut. 

In cinema, he’s looking for authenticity. The key to his work is the concept of „reality cinema”, as he explores the idea of radical realism. All of Webber's films were actually inspired by life: Webber and his family often play in his movies and the stories are based on real experiences. For years, he has been shooting with a small group of co-workers and they understand each other without words. The cinematographer of all his movies is Patrice Lucien Cochet. The essence of Webber’s cinema is the truth itself. He says that for him, cinema is a never-ending lesson of mindfulness.

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