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Long Live the Shorts! Movies from the Shortlist and American Shorts Section

US in Progress 2022 awards

Quality and quantity are hallmarks of the Shortlist and American Shorts sections. Both sections are perfect if you want to see as many interesting titles from our program as possible during the last two festival days.

Today, we encourage you to pay special attention to Polish short films from the Shortlist (5 sets to choose from!) and extraordinary portraits of the United States in the American Shorts section.

We would like to thank our sponsors and partners — OKRE, with whom we have the pleasure of working in producing Shortlist, and CINEMAFORUM, co-programmer of the American Shorts section.

See the movies from the Shortlist section

See the movies from the American Shorts section

Closing gala and awards ceremony

Tomorrow, we invite you to watch the closing gala of 20th New Horizons and 11th American Film Festival. On Sunday evening, we will find out which titles from the New Horizons International Competition, the Spectrum and American Docs sections appealed to festival audiences the most. We will also learn the Grand Prix winner selected from among the films presented in the NH competition and the Zuzanna Jagoda Kolska Prize for the youngest filmmaker showing at the festival. The gala broadcast begins at 6:00 p.m. on November 15 on the New Horizons Facebook profile.

The winner will be selected by a jury consisting of Dorota Lech (programmer of the Toronto International Film Festival), Krzysztof Skonieczny (director), Monika Strzępka (theater director), Klaudia Śmieja (film producer) and Greg Zgliński (director, screenwriter, cinematographer).

BNY Mellon is the sponsor of the American Docs competition Award .

Watch meetings with filmmakers on the New Horizons website

We encourage you to check out the conversations with directors whose films feature in this year's festival program. Watch 21 different videos including talks with Alexandre Rockwell, Filip Jan Rymsza, Janis Rafa, Kris Ray and Ágnes Kocsis, on our platform. All are available free of charge — just log in or create your account on the website at nowyhoryzonty.pl.

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