Ludi, dir. Edson Jean

Congrats and acknowledgement for „Ludi” and Fixafilm

US in Progress 2022 awards

American Film Festival and US in Progress in Wroclaw congratulates the filmmakers and crew of Ludi – a 2020 edition program participant. Ludi, directed by Edson Jean and produced by Mark Pulaski and Fabiola Rodriguez (Bantufly) opened Miami International Film Festival and was presented in the Narrative Spotlight category at SXSW.

Inspired by the life of the director's mother and set in Miami, Ludi is a heart-warming and eye-opening drama about the plight of Haitian women emigrants and health workers. It speaks universally about chasing the American Dream far beyond one particular ethnicity or community. A beautiful gem of a movie, Ludi is Edson’s first feature. The film was edited by another US in Progress alumnus, Jonathan Cuartas (My Heart Can’t Stop Beating Unless You Tell It To).

Ludi marks another successful collaboration between a US in Progress partner company with American filmmakers and testifies to the program’s importance. At last year’s edition of the program Ludi was awarded with postproduction services offered by Fixafilm. Fixafilm – with offices in Warsaw, Poland and Los Angeles – is one of the leading Polish image restoration and postproduction houses and partner of US in Progress and American Film Festival from the inception of the program in 2012.

As a result of this collaboration, the company contributed to finishing the film, by preparing the VFX, the credits, and delivering final masters.

I’m glad that we could support Ludi and offer our finishing services – said Wojtek Janio, Fixafilm’s CEO. The project caught our attention because it sketches an intimate story that becomes a part of a larger narrative being currently told at both sides of the Atlantic.

Huge thanks to the Soundflower studio as well. They (specifically the producer, Maciej Czarnecki) did additional sound design for the movie, also called additional audio postproduction services,.

The direcor, Edson Jean, has expressed appreciation for the opportunity to work with the companies:

Working with Fixafilm and Soundflower was a tremendous blessing! The in-kind support and creative value they brought to the collaboration was invaluable. We're so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with them and even more blessed to have received the grant from the U.S. in Progress Wroclaw. This is independent film's best kept secret that needs to be shared across the independent film universe. The collaboration potential in Poland is real and artistically uplifting.

Earlier this year, Fixafilm was also responsible for postproduction of an English language debut by the Japanese director Sion Sono’s Prisoners of the Ghostland – a dystopian science-fiction with Nicolas Cage that premiered at Sundance Film Festival in January. Prisoners of the Ghostland’s writer, Reza Safai is a regular in Wroclaw, at US in Progress and American Film Festival with his projects. This is also where his relationship with Fixafilm was initiated.

We want to express our utmost gratitude to Fixafilm for their continuous support for the US in Progress program and American independent filmmakers. You can read more about the studio’s activities here and here.

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